Mark Stephen Graves, JD/MBEI has worked for Fortune 500 and blue-chip International corporations predominately in the areas of Intellectual Property and Digital Rights Management for Corporations, Communities and Entrepreneurs (entertainers, artists, businessmen and inventors), inclusive of being the primary drafter of a $3,000,000,000.00+ (3 billion dollars U.S. currency) Technology contract while working for Samsung C&T Corporation in Seoul, South Korea.

Mark’s core Mission Statement is to “enable [his] brother to realize that anything is possible by showing him how anything can be done.” Accordingly, Mark’s scholastic and business life is built around the intersection of how we (as individuals and in a societal context) use technology to communicate (Communications Technology); how communities structurally change via communication tools (Society); and the media that garners the most attention (Media & Entertainment). Particularly, Mark focuses on the space between Content Production–Media & Entertainment–Persuasive Technology–Enterprise Architecture–Semantic Web–Intertwingled Systems–Network Orchestration.

Mark is a practicing Intellectual Property Attorney licensed by the State Bar of Georgia. Mark received his Juris Doctorate from Fordham University School of Law; a Master Degree in Music Business and Entertainment Industries from the University of Miami Frost School of Music; and his undergraduate education from Emory University in the fields of Sociology and Computer Science. Mark has a deep understanding of the prevailing business structures within the Entertainment Industry and is developing a niche practice in the provision of Intellectual Property services and Network Orchestration Systems & Models to Non-Profit Organizations (NGOs in particular), and For Profit Media Corporations. Additionally, Mark has a cadre of select Entertainers whom he represents.

termsReview, inc. (TRI), where Mark is the CEO, is founded upon the mission of establishing and supporting the “I AM: Intellectual Property, Inc.” (I AM: IP) Movement (, which is dedicated to educating disparate groups about their Intellectual Property Rights and how they can express and protect their ideas for the betterment of themselves and their communities. Recognizing that the Internet, or some form thereof, will be in existence for  generations to come, TRI believes that some words and phrases are cultural landmarks and works with organizations encompassing those cultural gems to recognize and support them. TRI has a patent-pending business system surrounding this new market comprised of 10 independent claims whose business efficacy is currently being market tested via an app geared directly toward (1) the 18-34 Male Demographic and (2) the 18-34 Women Demographic whom dance in the Adult Nightclub Industry. This modular web application is called stripperPAD (, and is currently under private Beta testing. stripperPAD is a Minimum Viable Product to but 1 of those 10 patent claims previously mentioned. Once substantiated, the other 9 independent claims will also be validated.

Paradigm Architecture Development, to wit the acronym ‘PAD’ is utilized, is a claim within the TRI patent-pending business process that extends the dynamics of Enterprise Architecture to encompass Mission Alignment via Cultural Entomology and Technology Usage.

While working for the largest privately-held media company in the United States, Cox Media Group, Mark learned the inherent infrastructure necessary to bring Media products to mass market, and has combined that understanding with his technical proficiency in software/web development to design, develop and market unique, pivotal products within select Niche Entertainment Markets. Mark has developed a comprehensive plan to not only bring the stripperPAD to market, but to develop the underlying patent-pending business system, which has the market potential to become the standard Network Orchestration mechanism for the Entertainment Industry.

Focusing on Entertainment Markets that have yet to adapt to the changing technological landscape, Mark designs business systems and products that are modular—meaning that they can be applied and used in different systems—and that comport to the current development best practices set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), thus allowing for access and engagement across devices with Internet capabilities.

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