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Internet Users: Do you use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other Social Media? Then you should know that your Internet History is always being monitored. Learn why your actions and history today will matter in the Intertwingled world of tomorrow by learning about the IDEA/Expression Dichotomy (a.k.a., Idea/Expression Divide).

Businesses: We represent intellectual property rights holders from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, with a focus on niche emergent markets, entertainment and technology.

We Are IP.

termsReview, inc. — web application systems

Recognizing the problems the One-to-One future holds on a Globalized Economy, termsReview, inc. believes in empowering individuals via an Autonomous Network Iterative Development Engagement Agency (AN IDEAtm) based upon global principles elucidated by Jacques Fresco (1916-2017) of The Venus Project; Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor behind the World Wide Web (Original Proposal for the World Wide Web); Seth Godin, world-renowned marketer and author of Permission Marketing (whom our founder was a Specialist for the Digital Media and Strategy Team of Cox Media Group, under the tutelage of Rebekah King), The IdeaVirus, and The Purple Cow; and Bryan Franklin, founder of the first Collaborative Advertising and Internet Mall (

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